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NBA Playoffs Round 3 Winner Predictions by Clarence Jones

September 18, 2020

 MIA vs BOS : The Celtics should be up 2 games to none in this series. They've blown both games and now on the edge of facing elimination. Boston problem right now is they don't know how to finish. When their up on Miami , they play like their behind.  Boston needs to cut down on the jump shots and attack the basket when they have the lead. Attacking the basket slows the game down and it gives Boston more chances at the line.  Unless their down by 10 or 20 in the 4th , their plan should be attacking the basket. Boston is losing their identity and all the credit goes to the Heat. They've stole both games by playing great defense and taking smart shots. Miami wasn't expected to make it this far , they're playing with house money. They on a missiom , they're playing the best basketball so far in the bubble. Can anybody stop Miami ? the answer is yes. Boston will continue to play great defense and improve their shot selection on offense. Let's not get crazy , Boston has been in every game so far. Their keeping it close and as long as their keeping it close they'll find a way to win this series. Boston in 7

DEN vs LAL : I'm surprised the Nuggets are in the Western Conference Finals. Their a good team but with all due respect , they not beating the Lakers.  Murray and Jokic won't be enough to stop LeBron and AD. Role players from both teams will make a difference in this series. Can players like Millsap , Grant and Porter Jr step up ? I don't think so. What also makes matters worse is the status of Will Barton. It's looking like he won't be playing in this series. That's a key player for the Nuggets , he will be missed. Danny Green, Kuzma , Pope , Rondo , Howard, Morris , Waiters and JR will step up. When it comes to playoff basketball experience is very important. Keep in mind no players on the Nuggets have more playoff experience than LeBron. The King know what it takes to reach the NBA Finals. He haven't been there since 2016. You really think the Nuggets have a chance! The Lakers have the best player in the world. Did You forgot that LeBron last championship came from him and the Cavs beating a 73-9 team. Don't waste Your time praying on a upset , Lakers in 6.












NBA Playoffs Round 2 Winner Predictions by Clarence Jones

September 1, 2020

 LAL vs HOU / OKC : It doesn't matter what team the Lakers play , their winning this series.. The Lakers  lineup is too big, too strong and too fast. They have the better bench. The Rockets small ball lineup is no threat to the Lakers. Harden and Westbrook will lack help from their bench. ( Lakers in 5 ) I don't think OKC can win a game, their going to be outmatched. Lakers will dominate on both sides of the ball. This will be easy like taking candy from a baby. ( Lakers in 4 )

LAC vs DEN / UTA : Clippers have the better team but don't get comfortable Clippers fans. The Nuggets and Jazz won't be easy. The team that advance will give the Clippers their best shot. Murray and Mitchell have been on fire and their teams are feeding off their energy. This will be a huge test for the Clippers, I expect them to pass. Concerns : the Jazz small backcourt , will Conley and Mitchell be able to defend Kawhi and PG13 ? Can Gobert keep Kawhi , PG13 and Lou Williams from the basket ? Will PG13 have another meltdown ? Can Murray or Mitchell keep up their great playoff performance ? Nuggets vs Clippers ( Clippers in 6 ) Jazz vs Clippers ( Clippers in 6 )

MIA vs MIL : The Heat shouldn't be a underdog in this series. Their tough on both sides of the ball. The Bucks will have to work in this series. Defensive Player of The Year and more than likely MVP Antetokounmpo will have to prove himself. If the Bucks going to win this series, he has to play better than how he played in game 1. The Heat did a great job keeping Antetokounmpo from the paint. That was the key takeaway last night. Butler and the Heat pick apart the Bucks. Starting in game 2 Antetokounmpo should be guarding Butler. The best defender on the opposing best player right Coach Budenholzer!  This is playoff basketball not pick up ball. This series will go back and forth with the Heat winning in 7 games.

TOR vs BOS : This series will also go 7 games. Don't let game 1 fool You, the defending Champions will find a way to get back in this series. This is the most even match series in the playoffs. Both teams have good starting lineups with good players on their bench. Each game will go down to which team can defend the best. Avoiding foul trouble is very important. Expect a back and forth battle with the Raptors winning in 7

















NBA Finals Winner Prediction by Clarence Jones

September 29, 2020

  NBA fans!!! tomorrow we going to have the best teams competing against each other. When I say the best teams I'm not talking about what's on paper. Going back and observing the NBA bubble, the Heat and Lakers was the best teams. They played the hardest and the smartest. It's no surprise that the Lakers are in the NBA Finals. When it comes to the Miami Heat, this team have surprised written all over it. When I thought of the Eastern Conference the Heat didn't crossed My mind. Teams that crossed My mind was the Pacers, Bucks, Celtics, Sixers and Raptors. I'm a Pacers fan so yeah I picked My Pacers lol. The Heat have nothing to lose and everything to gained. Their playing with house money and no pressure. On the flipside it's championship or bust for the Lakers. There's no guarantee that they'll be back in the Finals next season. Teams like the Warriors, Clippers, Nuggets, Rockets and Blazers will be better.

 I have 3 concerns in this year's NBA Finals, My concerns are matchup size and who's going to guard Anthony Davis. The Lakers outsized the Heat but it's not a big concern. I'm not sure but I believe Bam Adebayo is going to guard Davis. I'll be surprise if he's not guarding Davis. This going to be a tough series. Both teams are great on both sides of the ball. The tie breaker in this series are the Lakers role players. I don't think Green, Pope, Kuzma and Caruso will be successful. Veteran players like Rondo, Howard, and McGee will have success. I think the Lakers should play Smith and Cook to keep up with the speed of the Heat. Smith and Cook are great offensive and defensive players. Their talent will be needed in this series. When it comes to the best player in the world, LeBron James, I have some concerns. Miami a great defensive team and they don't make a lot of mistakes. For Your information the Heat are the best defensive team that the Lakers about to play. The Blazers, Rockets and Nuggets defense have nothing on the Heat defense. It takes great defense to beat the Lakers 4 times. Miami can do it and they will do it. They going to give LeBron some difficult matchups. Butler, Dala and Crowder will slow him down. They won't stop him but they'll cause him to struggle at times. Lakers going to regret not having Avery Bradley, his defense will be missed. When it's all set and done this series will rely on AD performance. LeBron can play great and the role players can play great. If AD doesn't play great, they have no chance. He has to play great for them to have a chance. This is not a all on LeBron series.

 The Blazers, Rockets, and Nuggets are not the Heat. The Heat are wild dogs, they going to attack and attack. They can score and defend with any team in the league. This will be a rough and disappointing series for the Lakers. The Heat will win this series in 7 games.