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NBA Finals Prediction by Clarence Jones

July 6, 2021

  Bucks vs Suns - When it comes to basketball I like offense but I love defense. The Suns the better offensive team and the Bucks the better defensive team. What I like about Milwaukee is their 4 best defensive players are scorers. Giannis, Middelton, Holiday and Tucker. Any of these 4 players can catch fire and change the series. Phoenix will not be easy to defeat, they can score and defend with the best. What worries me about Phoenix is their star offensive players playing defense. I don't see Booker and Paul slowing down Milwaukee big 4. I'm also worried about Ayton, Crowder, and Bridges. Their 2 way players but I believe they'll use so much energy on defense, they won't be able to contribute as much on offense. I'm leaning more on Milwaukee because of their defense. Booker, Paul, and Ayton is the key for the Bucks winning this series. They must slow Phoenix big 3 down. Milwaukee can't let Booker and Paul take comfortable shots. If Booker and Paul struggles then the entire team will struggle. The Bucks will do what needs to be done to win this series.

  Throughout this series the Bucks will find ways to take themselves out of games and lose games. I expect the Suns to blow them out at least twice in this series. They'll (Bucks) jack up threes and get lazy on defense. Last but not least Giannis won't be 100 percent. He'll eventually play in this series and be a difference maker. I hope Bobby Portis plays in this series, the Bucks will need his energy and effort. Overall this will be a up and down series for both teams. Offense win games and defense win championships. Milwaukee will find a way to disrupt Booker and Paul. It's going to be a tough series, I got Bucks in 7.



















Name, Image, Likeness by Clarence Jones

September 7, 2021

   College athletes be careful when it comes to name, image, and likeness. What's most important is You staying focus. Your short and long term goals should be your top priorities. Worrying about the money and your popularity could cost you everything. Your education and your spot on the team is the reason you committed to that university. You made plans and promises to yourself, don't be a prisoner of the moment. When you signed your NIL contract, make sure you signed it carefully. Remember to ask questions and ask for copies of every paper you signed. If you focus on improving your skills and helping your team, the money will come. Do your job!  that's it!




















Patriots and what's next for Cam Newton? by Clarence Jones

August 31, 2021

  Let's be real about this situation, it was only a matter of time. The Pats drafted Mac Jones with the 15th overall pick in this year's draft. Drafting Mac Jones that high gave me the belief that they wasn't sold on Cam. He was never going to be the future in New England. I didn't see him getting cut this early but it's probably good that he was cut this early. We're still in the middle of pre-season and 31 teams looking to better their roster. Cam could still be a starter in the NFL. Two teams I have in mind are the Raiders and Texans. There's been some questions about Carr's future. The Texans and Watson seem to be parting ways. I can definitely see Cam winning a starting role for either team.

 Patriots and Mac Jones seems to be a good fit. His pre-season performance looks good but I'm not ready to say he's the next Tom Brady. The best scenario is to wait and see what he do in the regular season.