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Divisional Round by Clarence Jones

January 15, 2021

  Rams vs Packers - A good offense versus a good defense, it doesn't get no better than that. I don't see the cold weather or the snow effecting this game. This game will go down to who plays better, the Packers offense or the Rams defense. I trust the Rams defense, I think they'll be able to win this game. They won't stop Aaron Rodgers but they'll slow him down. Slowing Rodgers down means very little production from Jones and Adams.  Jones and Adams must play well for Green Bay to have a chance. Even if their offense plays well I'm confident that their defense won't. Coach McVay going to exposed the Packers defense.  Rams 41-27

  Ravens vs Bills -  I didn't expect Buffalo or Baltimore to be in the divisional playoffs. There's something mysterious about their running game. If I got to go with one team I'm going with Baltimore. Lamar Jackson play quarterback but don't think for a second he can't transformed to a running back. The weather won't stop Lamar from making plays. Baltimore will be ready to defend the pass, defending the pass will force Buffalo to run the ball. They won't be able to run the ball well. I like the Ravens in a close one, 26-22.

 Browns vs Chiefs - Chubb and Hunt running power will be enough for Cleveland  to stay in the game but not enough to win the game. I don't think Cleveland defense will be able to keep up with Kansas City weapons. If the Browns could keep Mahomes off the field., they'll have a chance to win this game. If Baker doesn't play well. their chances could be out the door. Overall the Browns defense will determine this game. Can they rush Mahomes ? Can they forced turnovers ? Can they get early 3 and outs ? I got Chiefs 32-21

  Buccaneers vs Saints - The Bucs can't afford to get off to a slow start. They got to come out striking fast and early. I don't think Brady will be able to handle the pressure. It won't be easy trying to get those passes to Evans, Godwin, Gronk and Brown. New Orleans defense is no joke. They'll be in the right place to create stops and turnovers. If the Bucs could run the ball they'll have a chance to win this game. They got to have a balanced run and pass attack. I don't see them beating the Saints no other way. How bout the Bucs defense! You and I both know they not stopping all those weapons. I'm rolling with the Saints 43-29












Student Athletes : Record Your Stats by Clarence Jones

March 25, 2021

   Relying on coach to record your stats could cost You a scholarship. You could lose your chance at playing professional sports. You're not the only athlete that's relying on coach. Your teammates are too. Be ahead of the game and do it yourself. Don't let the plays You made go unnoticed. I'm sure You have friends that will love to help. If they don't have time, there's numerous freelancers that have time.. Recording your stats includes videotaping, editing, documentation, and being on social media. It's not rocket science. You can do it.


















Drew Brees not done by Clarence Jones

March 15, 2021

   Non Saints fans in the NFC South are more than likely celebrating today. The announcement of Drew Brees retirement is a stress reliever. As a falcon fan I'm happy but as a NFL fan I'm not. I can't get his last game out my head. He put on a terrible performance. It would have been nice to see Brees go out like Jerome Bettis, Ray Lewis, and Peyton Manning. He still have something left in the tank. He got more to prove. Saints fans and NFL fans will always remember his last game. I never thought his last game would end the way it did.  Brees can't go out like that! No way he's done. He's too competitive and too talented. Remember when Favre was playing the back and forth retirement game. I expect the same game from Brees.