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Divisional Round by Clarence Jones

January 15, 2021

  Rams vs Packers - A good offense versus a good defense, it doesn't get no better than that. I don't see the cold weather or the snow effecting this game. This game will go down to who plays better, the Packers offense or the Rams defense. I trust the Rams defense, I think they'll be able to win this game. They won't stop Aaron Rodgers but they'll slow him down. Slowing Rodgers down means very little production from Jones and Adams.  Jones and Adams must play well for Green Bay to have a chance. Even if their offense plays well I'm confident that their defense won't. Coach McVay going to exposed the Packers defense.  Rams 41-27

  Ravens vs Bills -  I didn't expect Buffalo or Baltimore to be in the divisional playoffs. There's something mysterious about their running game. If I got to go with one team I'm going with Baltimore. Lamar Jackson play quarterback but don't think for a second he can't transformed to a running back. The weather won't stop Lamar from making plays. Baltimore will be ready to defend the pass, defending the pass will force Buffalo to run the ball. They won't be able to run the ball well. I like the Ravens in a close one, 26-22.

 Browns vs Chiefs - Chubb and Hunt running power will be enough for Cleveland  to stay in the game but not enough to win the game. I don't think Cleveland defense will be able to keep up with Kansas City weapons. If the Browns could keep Mahomes off the field., they'll have a chance to win this game. If Baker doesn't play well. their chances could be out the door. Overall the Browns defense will determine this game. Can they rush Mahomes ? Can they forced turnovers ? Can they get early 3 and outs ? I got Chiefs 32-21

  Buccaneers vs Saints - The Bucs can't afford to get off to a slow start. They got to come out striking fast and early. I don't think Brady will be able to handle the pressure. It won't be easy trying to get those passes to Evans, Godwin, Gronk and Brown. New Orleans defense is no joke. They'll be in the right place to create stops and turnovers. If the Bucs could run the ball they'll have a chance to win this game. They got to have a balanced run and pass attack. I don't see them beating the Saints no other way. How bout the Bucs defense! You and I both know they not stopping all those weapons. I'm rolling with the Saints 43-29












Conference Championship Prediction by Clarence Jones

January 22, 2021

  Buccaneers vs Packers -  I expect this game to be different from week 6. The Packers are not the same team, they improved since week 6.  Regular season football is always different from playoff football. There's so much on the line, win or go home. The Packers must pass well and run well to win this game. They wasn't able to get nothing going in week 6.  Two of their three best players, Jones and Adams was a non-factor. What made them non-factors was the Buccaneers defense. They came out early and attack Rodgers right away. That was his worst performance all season. If You're relying on the Packers defense to win this game, You're going to be disappointed. Aaron Rodgers must play good not great but good for Green Bay to win this game. Offense win games but defense win championships. I trust the Bucs, they have the better defense. When it comes to their offense, it's going to be more than Brady.  Jones and Fournette will be a huge problem for Green Bay, they won't be able to stop the run. I got the Bucs 33-23.

 Bills vs Chiefs - This game will go down to which team can play the better defense. Which team can force turnovers. I like the Bills in this matchup. They'll be prepared to defend the pass. The pass is what the Chiefs do best. What the Bills shouldn't do is cover Tyreke Hill 1 on 1. They have to double him on certain downs and plays. I'm not buying the reports, Mahomes is not healthy. I don't think he'll be able to play at his best. Buffalo should take full advantage and send the pass rush early. I wouldn't wait to 3rd downs, I would send the rush on 1st and 2nd downs. Their primary focus should be stopping the pass. If they can't stop the pass it's going to be a long day. They can't allow Kelce, Hardman and Hill to get going. They must also keep their eyes on the run. The Chiefs are very sneaky with their running plays. It doesn't matter how many times they run the ball, their plan is to pass the ball. Their not as balanced as You think. The Chiefs are 75% pass and 25% run. Buffalo defense will have their hands full. I have one concern about the Bills offense, their lack of running the ball. They have explosive receivers that can catch the ball but no running backs that can run the ball. They not beating the Chiefs if they can't run the ball. They have to get some type of running game going. Josh Allen can't be their leading rusher. The Chiefs have a solid defense, they can make stops and create turnovers. Overall I got the Bills 29-25.

















Takeaways : Divisional Round by Clarence Jones

January 20, 2021

 Rams vs Packers - The Packers look good in all 3 phases. I was surprised to see Rodgers picked the Rams apart. How bout the Packers defense! they made a huge difference in this game.

 Ravens vs Bills - The Bills did what needed to be done. They rushed and frustrated Lamar the entire game. Even know they don't have a running game, I can trust them moving forward. The Bills have proven to me that they don't need a running game to win. I was praying that Lamar return from his concussion. I didn't want to see him go out like that.

Browns vs Chiefs - This was the best game of the weekend. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what will happen next. When Mahomes became dizzy I was loss for words. I knew it was a concussion and I knew he wasn't coming back. I don't feel bad for the Browns at all. They had their chance and they blew it. Thanks to Chad Henne the RUNNING BACK!!

Buccaneers vs Saints -  Where was this Buccaneer team all season ? I was shocked to see them start slow and still win the game. The highlight for them winning this game was running the football. When the Bucs can run the ball it makes Brady job easy. When Brady job is easy that means the opposing team in trouble. The Saints defense was off their game. They haven't played like that all season. Speaking of defense! How bout the Bucs defense! they demolished the Saints game plan. Drew Brees performance was terrible. It was so terrible he should really consider coming back another year. Credit to Todd Bowles