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5 Teams that should signed Dez Bryant by Clarence Jones

November 9, 2019

 5. New Orleans Saints - The last time we seen Bryant on the field he was in black and gold.  New Orleans signed him in 2018. Following Bryant signing with the Saints, he suffered a torn ACL in practice. The Saints are 7-1 and highly favored to compete for a Super Bowl. Dez will fit right in with their explosive offense.

4. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers has proven he doesn't need key weapons to lead a football team. Surrounding Rodgers with weapons makes him very dangerous. Aaron Jones running the ball makes Green Bay difficult to stop. Davante Adams on the right with Dez Bryant on the left sounds really good.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Big Ben have about 2 to 3 Seasons left in the NFL. James Connor seem to be the top back for the Steelers. One of Pittsburgh problems this season is the Wide Receiver position. It's all JuJu with very little help from other receivers. Adding Bryant makes Pittsburgh a offensive threat.

2. Oakland Raiders - The Raiders playing good football and looking like a new improved football team. Derek Carr performing like a leader and Josh Jacobs probably the Rookie of the Year. Oakland not as strong at the receiver position. This off-season they added Tyrell Williams , he's productive so far this season. Dez Bryant could put a spark on this offense, especially on third downs.

1. San Francisco 49ers -  If there's a coach that could change a player career it's Kyle Shanahan. He help improved Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin III and Matt Ryan Career. I know they are quarterbacks  but don't underestimate Shanahan. He has one of the best offenses in the league. The Niners are 8-0 with the best defense in the league. Dez will look like a new man in this offense. Signing Dez will increase the Niners chances of winning the Super Bowl.












NFL Thanksgiving : What each Team must do to Win the Game by Clarence Jones

November 28, 2019

  Bears vs Lions

Chicago has to play Great defense to win this game. This a divisional game and the pressure not just on their defense, it's on their offense too. Trubisky needs to play well to prove he deserves to be the franchise quarterback.

Detroit will not have Stafford but they can still score points Their running game and passing game is very balanced. Don't forget about their tough defense, their very difficult to score on. Detroit must also play Great defense to win this game.

Bills vs Cowboys

Buffalo needs to continue being who they are. They need to continue being balance in all 3 phases. The Bills can compete with any team on the road or at home. It's going to be a competitive game today.

Dallas is difficult to beat at home. They can run, pass and defend well. It won't be easy matching up against the Bills, they must run the football to win this game.

Saints vs Falcons

Don't let the last game fool You, I expect the Saints to compete at a high level. Their strongly competitive in all 3 phases. New Orleans defense must show up for them to win this game.

The Falcons playoff hopes are out the door but they will still compete to win this game. In Week 10 match-up Atlanta win the game by playing Great defense. They must play Great defense tonight to win this game. They have to keep Drew Brees off the field.

Score Prediction

Lions 27    Bears 17

Cowboys 34   Bills 23

Falcons 24   Saints 20












Should Myles Garrett Suspension be reduced? by Clarence Jones

November 20, 2019

  The fight between the Browns and Steelers was embarrassing. The most crazy part about this game is nobody will remember who won the game. People will remember the fight more than they remember the game. The highlight of the fight was Myles Garrett. He was seen striking Mason Rudolph on top of his head with a helmet. Garrett was out of control after being attacked by Rudolph. Rudolph grabbed Garrett's helmet and kicked him in his groin. The second the incident happen I was on Mason's side, agreeing that Garrett is gone for the season.  Looking at the video, Rudolph was wrong for his behavior. The kicked to the groin and grabbing the helmet was unnecessary. As of now Garrett is suspended for the remaining 2019-20 Season. Rudolph suspension was only a fined of $35,000.  Myles Garrett suspension should be reduced to 3 games. He was definitely wrong for striking with the helmet but it wasn't Garrett that started the fight.


What's Your opinion on Myles Garrett Suspension ?  Should it be reduced ?

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