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5 Teams that should signed Dez Bryant by Clarence Jones

November 9, 2019

 5. New Orleans Saints - The last time we seen Bryant on the field he was in black and gold.  New Orleans signed him in 2018. Following Bryant signing with the Saints, he suffered a torn ACL in practice. The Saints are 7-1 and highly favored to compete for a Super Bowl. Dez will fit right in with their explosive offense.

4. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers has proven he doesn't need key weapons to lead a football team. Surrounding Rodgers with weapons makes him very dangerous. Aaron Jones running the ball makes Green Bay difficult to stop. Davante Adams on the right with Dez Bryant on the left sounds really good.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Big Ben have about 2 to 3 Seasons left in the NFL. James Connor seem to be the top back for the Steelers. One of Pittsburgh problems this season is the Wide Receiver position. It's all JuJu with very little help from other receivers. Adding Bryant makes Pittsburgh a offensive threat.

2. Oakland Raiders - The Raiders playing good football and looking like a new improved football team. Derek Carr performing like a leader and Josh Jacobs probably the Rookie of the Year. Oakland not as strong at the receiver position. This off-season they added Tyrell Williams , he's productive so far this season. Dez Bryant could put a spark on this offense, especially on third downs.

1. San Francisco 49ers -  If there's a coach that could change a player career it's Kyle Shanahan. He help improved Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin III and Matt Ryan Career. I know they are quarterbacks  but don't underestimate Shanahan. He has one of the best offenses in the league. The Niners are 8-0 with the best defense in the league. Dez will look like a new man in this offense. Signing Dez will increase the Niners chances of winning the Super Bowl.












5 Critiques that was said about Lamar Jackson by Clarence Jones

November 11, 2019

  5. He's not a NFL Quarterback

  4. He can't throw the Football

  3.  He too Skinny

  2. He should play Wide Receiver

  1. He should play Running Back

  Lamar is playing his Best Football and leading the Ravens to a winning Season. He has a chance to become the 2019 NFL MVP. Lamar has 15 Touchdowns with 2036 Yards this season. It's safe to say "Never Judge a Book by it's cover"












Do You TRUST the Saints to Win the Super Bowl? by Clarence Jones

November 11, 2019

    Yesterday the New Orleans Saints loss to the Atlanta Falcons 26 to 9. This has been the most shocking loss so far this Season. New Orleans at home failed to score one touchdown. Drew Brees was sacked six times by the Falcons defense. New Orleans offensive line was dominated by Atlanta defensive line. There was no excuse yesterday, the Saints roster was  healthy at the start of the game. Coming out of a bye week no one expect the Saints to lose to the Falcons. The Saints have potential to Win the Super Bowl but even Saints fans loss some trust yesterday. Go Falcons!