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Giannis passed The Rise by Clarence Jones

January 18, 2020

  Let's be honest , There isn't much that we could say about Giannis game. He won MVP last Year and it wasn't easy. Giannis been in the NBA for 6 Seasons and every season he's improving. What can't he do? He do it all. Great Scorer, Great Defender and a Great Rebounder that could play all 5 positions. Many will say he on the rise but I believe he passed the Rise. Giannis is lacking 1 piece to his game, the three ball. Once he develop a three point shot, He'll be unstoppable.

What's Your thoughts? 

 Giannis passed The Rise?  Why or Why not?

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Zion Debut by Clarence Jones

January 17,2020

  Zion will be making his debut for The New Orleans Pelicans on January 22nd. All eyes will be on Zion as he takes the floor against The San Antonio Spurs. I'm curious to see how he plays the game, I have a few concerns. Did his speed increase? Did he lose weight? Is he Starting? not Starting? How much minutes will he play? What's Your thoughts on Zion return? Can he help New Orleans advance to the Playoffs?

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