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NBA Finals Prediction by Clarence Jones

July 6, 2021

  Bucks vs Suns - When it comes to basketball I like offense but I love defense. The Suns the better offensive team and the Bucks the better defensive team. What I like about Milwaukee is their 4 best defensive players are scorers. Giannis, Middelton, Holiday and Tucker. Any of these 4 players can catch fire and change the series. Phoenix will not be easy to defeat, they can score and defend with the best. What worries me about Phoenix is their star offensive players playing defense. I don't see Booker and Paul slowing down Milwaukee big 4. I'm also worried about Ayton, Crowder, and Bridges. Their 2 way players but I believe they'll use so much energy on defense, they won't be able to contribute as much on offense. I'm leaning more on Milwaukee because of their defense. Booker, Paul, and Ayton is the key for the Bucks winning this series. They must slow Phoenix big 3 down. Milwaukee can't let Booker and Paul take comfortable shots. If Booker and Paul struggles then the entire team will struggle. The Bucks will do what needs to be done to win this series.

  Throughout this series the Bucks will find ways to take themselves out of games and lose games. I expect the Suns to blow them out at least twice in this series. They'll (Bucks) jack up threes and get lazy on defense. Last but not least Giannis won't be 100 percent. He'll eventually play in this series and be a difference maker. I hope Bobby Portis plays in this series, the Bucks will need his energy and effort. Overall this will be a up and down series for both teams. Offense win games and defense win championships. Milwaukee will find a way to disrupt Booker and Paul. It's going to be a tough series, I got Bucks in 7.



















NBA Playoffs Predictions : Conference Finals by Clarence Jones

June 21, 2021

   Clippers @ Suns -  I don't think this series should have started yesterday, it's not fair to the Clippers. They just played this past Friday with barely any rest. Despite lack of rest, the Clippers was very competitive. I didn't expect them to come out and play like it was game 7. On the flip side Phoenix haven't missed a step. I was concern about their time off, I thought they would come out rusty. Booker put on a mamba mentality performance and led his team to a victory. Kawhi and Paul will be missed in this series. I'm not sure when both stars will return but I expect this series to be long and competitive.  It's a neck to neck, up for grabs type series.  The Clippers need Kawhi more than the Suns need Paul. That's the tie breaker in this series. One of many things a team must do without their leader is play team ball. It takes team ball to win a series. The Suns play better team ball than the Clippers. I got Suns in 7.

 Hawks @ Bucks -  Unless You a Hawks fan, You didn't expect them to be in the Eastern Conference Finals. On the real I don't think Hawks fans thought they would be in the Eastern Conference Finals. One of the things I like about Atlanta is they don't quit. Their confidence is sky high and they're not afraid of no team. They playing with house money and spending their money well I must say. I expect the money to run out in this series. Milwaukee is a much tougher opponent than New York and Philly.  The Bucks defense going to give the Hawks offense a lot of problems. I can't wait to see what Trae Young can do against the tough Bucks defense. I got Bucks in 6.




















NBA Playoffs Predictions : Conference Semifinals by Clarence Jones

June 5, 2021

   Bucks @ Nets - This is a well balanced match-up and arguably the best series. Brooklyn gives You offense with little to no defense. Milwaukee is a all around team, they score well and they defend well. If You're not deeply wrapped in this series, You could easily become a prisoner of the stars. Stars such as Durant, Harden, and Irving. The big 3 will have difficult times scoring. Giannis, Middleton, Tucker, and Holiday will slow them down and reveal their lack of chemistry. The way Brooklyn play defense I expect Milwaukee to score over a 100 points. I get it! The Big 3 is great and they can quickly go on a scoring spree. Call me crazy but a all around team have more chances of winning against a offensive team.  Bucks in 6.

 Hawks @ Sixers - Embiid's injury is a huge concern but Philly will still be competitive. I expect both teams to play good on both sides of the ball. Don't get confuse by the seeds, this a toss up series. Both teams have rim protection, similar shooting and similar defense. Atlanta don't give up, they keep knocking at your door. Every play and every quarter they going to give it their all. This will be a tough series for the Sixers, they'll win it in 6. Embiid, Simmons, and Harris will be the difference makers.

 Nuggets @ Suns - I'm looking forward to the Ayton versus Jokic match-up. Surprisingly Denver didn't need Murray in round 1 but they'll need him in this round. Overall the Suns are the better team, their better in all categories. The Nuggets bench will be a problem in this series. They won't be able to score enough points to stay in games. Porter, Gordon, and Rivers are good players but their not threats to the Suns. Suns in 5.

 Clippers @ Jazz - Mike Conley hamstring injury put a dent in this series. The thought of the Clippers playing small ball will force the Jazz to play a different way. There's not a whole lot of favoritism from Utah. Los Angeles will have a much easier series than before. Donovan is good but he's not Luka. He won't give the Clippers problems like Luka did. I'm curious to see how the Jazz will play Gobert. How many minutes will he play or who will he match up with. Every scorer Utah have, Los Angeles  have the defender to stop them. Not only will their offense show up in this series, their defense going to step up big. Clippers in 6.