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The 5 If's that will earn Cam Newton a New Contract by Clarence Jones

July 1, 2020

 1. Staying Healthy - If Cam could prove that he can stay healthy and active for the season, he's on his way to earning himself a new contract. The Patriots was the only team interested in Cam Newton. It wasn't Cam skills that kept teams away, it was his health. I'm sure more teams wanted Cam but to be honest his health is a question mark. The big question this season will be can Cam stay healthy for 16 games and a possible playoff run.

2. Patriots design plays - The Patriots must design plays for Cam. He's too big and athletic to stay in the pocket. Dink and dunk options won't work for Cam. If the Patriots design the right plays for him, they can find themselves having a lot more fun with Cam than they did with Brady.  

3. Cam can't be their Running Back -  Yes I said that the Patriots must design plays for Cam but I'm not saying he should be their running back. That's where the Panthers went wrong at. They ran Cam too many times, he took too many hits. I don't expect the Patriots to make the same mistake. I believe running plays will be design for Cam but I don't expect him to look like a running back. If the Patriots can avoid using him as a running back, his chances of staying healthy is high.

4. Offensive Line Protection - If the Pats offensive line is any better than the line that Cam had in Carolina, then he's good to go. Cam hits didn't came from just running the ball, his hits also came from being sacked. In 9 seasons overall the Panthers did a horrible job protecting their leader. He was hit and sacked too much in Carolina.

5. Play like Super Cam - He has to be his self and not nobody else. He don't have to play like his 2015 MVP season but what if he did ? That would be great for his career. Wow just thinking about it makes me excited. His primary focus is making plays, protecting the ball and protecting his self. That's all he have to do, it won't be easy but I believe he could do it. I expect to see Cam Newton at his best. If he plays like Super Cam, watch out NFL.

Cam Newton is currently on a 1 Year Incentive deal worth 7 . 5 Million dollars.












The Washington Gladiators by Clarence Jones

July 10, 2020

   I was born​ in 1990 and I started watching the NFL in 1998. I remember asking myself why is that Washington team called the Redskins. I always thought the name redskin is disrespectful to people of all colors. Nobody should never be called a redskin. I was saying this since 1998. The Redskin name has brought offensive attention for years. Washington Owner Daniel Snyder admitted in the past that he will never change the name. That was then and this is now. Amazon, Footlocker and Fed Ex decided they will not be doing business with Snyder until he change the name. A new name expected to be announced in the future. While Washington Fans and NFL Fans waiting on the new name announcement. I decided that I'm going to help Washington out. The best name for Washington will be the Washington Gladiators. It's a catchy name and it sounds good. Gladiator is not offensive, it's about competing inside an arena. That's Washington football, that's Gladiator football. Gladiator is a great nick name and it's a great sports name. The meaning of Gladiator is a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena. Come on Washington! You like it! You love it! I can see You in Your burgundy and gold yelling GO GLADIATORS!!

















The Seasons must go on I guess by Clarence Jones

July 6, 2020

   I have to admit, It feels good to know that the NBA and MLB season is a few weeks away. On the left side I'm happy about sports coming back. On the right side, I'm worried and concern about the players health. I don't believe everyday testing is the answer to a healthy season. Covid-19 test results aren't coming back fast enough. Every game matters in this short NBA and MLB season. I think the NBA is going to be the most safest league because they have a bubble. Leagues that's lacking the bubble such as the NCAA, NFL and MLB is facing serious harm to themselves and others. The thought of players going back and forth from home to work is scary. I believe the NBA and MLB seasons will be interrupted. Covid-19 looking like it's not going away no time soon. The seasons must go on I guess.